aigo AT360 360mm Black CPU Liquid Cooler AIO ARGB


aigo AT360 360mm Black CPU Liquid Cooler AIO ARGB Water Cooling System 3Pin 5V ARGB Radiator for Intel LGA 1200/115X/20XX for AMD TR4/AM4/AM3+/AM3 (AT360, Black)

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  • [Water Pump Design]No pump cold head,High efficiency DC. Increase heat dissipation effect. Long-lasting power of pipeline centrifugal water pump.
  • [micro water channel design]Greatly enhances the effective heat dissipation area of the water cooling row and provides a lot of space for air flow.
  • [Fan Noise Reduction]FDB bearing silent fan.Increase efficiency/Longer life.
  • [SYNC ARGB]Compatible for GIGABYTE,MSI,ASUS and AsRock header motherboards and controlled via motherboard ARGB software.
  • [Compatibility]Compatible for Intel:LGA 115x/1200/20xx,AMD:AM4/AM3+/AM3.


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