MSI HomePlug Adapter, USB to Powerline, UB14H


Data rates up to 14Mbps using existing power lines to network USB equipped computers.

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Product Information:

Standards: USB 1.1, HomePlug 1.0.1
Number of Ports: 1 USB
Data Rates: HomePlug 1.0.1 (Auto-Fallback) / OFDM-DQPSK: 13.75 and 8Mbps;
                    OFDM-DBPSK: 4Mbps; OFDM-RoBo: 1MBPS
Protocol: CSMA/CA with ACK (Half-Duplex)
Frequency & Bandwidth: 4~21MHz; 84 sub-carriers
Channels: Tone mask and FEC mechanism
Security: 56-BIT DES Privacy
Coverage: Up to 5000 square feet home
Power System Voltage: 50~60Hz and 85~265V AC Power
Power Consumption: <2W
LED Indicators: Collision, Activity, Link
Dimensions: 113x65x45mm
Weight: 90g

Shipping Information:

Product Dimensions: 8.8×5.7x3x5 inches
Product Weight: 12.8oz


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