Do you deal with sensitive data? What sort of information do you collect from potential contracts or clients? What about information pertaining to your own business? A security breach such as a virus/malware infection or a compromised network can be damaging not only to a businesses reputation when found out, but to the overall health of your systems. 

Smart Guys Computers has been operating in the Central Florida area for over 22 years, in that time we've developed extensive knowledge on handling technical problems of the modern digital age. As a Managed Service Provider we follow three basic provisions of monitoring, protection, and management. With 24 hour monitoring built into our system we are able to constantly keep up to date information on device availability, system performance, security, and backup status. For protection we use a managed antivirus with extensive signature-based heuristics scanning that protects from unknown and new viruses along with daily reports allowing us to evaluate risks in your network. Letting us manage and maintain your system means that you'll experience less downtime, fewer headaches, and more business uptime. Here is just a few things we offer as your potential Managed Service Provider:
• Constant security monitoring and risk Intelligence.
• Protection against virus/malware, phishing, botnets, spam, etc. 
• Web threat analysis and up to date reporting. 
• Performance monitoring of your entire network. 

Being a managed service provider (MSP) is all about getting off the old reactive model of your computer or network breaking and us fixing it. Switching to having us be your MSP allows us to be proactive in the care of your ecosystem. Whether you are a small/large or residential customer this allows us to monitor any potential risk that may infect or harm your computer and fix it before you even notice! 

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