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Yealink SIP-T21P IP Phone

Yealink’s SIP-T21P E2 takes entry-level IP phones to a level never achieved before. It features exceptional voice clarity and enhanced speaker quality. It has a 2-port Fast Ethernet switch with PoE (Power over Ethernet) support, an extra-large 132×64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight showing a clear 5-line data display, 2 line keys, 4 soft keys, and a RJ-9 connector for optional headset. It supports up to 4 simultaneous calls.

Features Supported
•  Caller ID
•  Call waiting
•  Call waiting caller ID
•  Three way conference
•  Do Not Disturb
•  Message Waiting Indicator
•  Blind transfer (1-step transfer)
•  Supervise transfer (2-step transfer)
•  Extension dialing
Yealink SIP-T23G IP Phone

Yealink SIP-T23G features intuitive user interface and enhanced functionality which make it easy for people to interact and maximize productivity. Yealink HD technology enables rich, clear and life-like voice communications. As a cost effective IP solution, it helps users to streamline business processes, delivering a powerful, secure, and consistent communication experience for small and large offices. In addition to supporting up to 6 simultaneous calls, it also has Dualport Gigabit Ethernet with PoE (Power over Ethernet) support and a 132×64-pixel monochrome LCD with backlight showing a clear five-line data display.

Features Supported
•  Exceptional voice clarity
•  Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet with PoE (Power over Ethernet) support
•  Three line keys for up to six simultaneous calls
•  RJ-9 connector for optional headset
•  Enhanced speaker quality
•  132×64-pixel monochrome LCD with backlight showing a clear five-line data display
•  Four soft keys
•  Power supply and Ethernet cable included
Yealink T27G phone

If you run a business with a high volume of business calls, this deluxe office IP phone has everything you’d ever want: superb sound quality, a rich visual experience, and easy-to-use features.

Features Supported
•  Exceptional voice quality from the handset and speaker
•  Six lines for up to 12 simultaneous calls
•  Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
•  8-line, 3.66” 240×120-pixel graphical LCD with backlight
•  Dual-color (red or green) illuminated LEDs for line status information
•  8 physical programmable buttons, and up to 21 programmable buttons through “pagination”
•  6 navigation buttons
•  4 context-sensitive “soft buttons”
•  Stand with 2 adjustable angles
•  RJ-9 connector for an optional headset
•  Power supply and Ethernet cable included
Yealink T41S phone

The Yealink T41S gives you all of the features you’d ever need, and even more extended functionality that you might not expect. Packed with a faster and more responsive interface than other IP phones, the Yealink T41S delivers crystal-clear voice communications in addition to enhanced Bluetooth, Wifi and USB recording capabilities.

The phone has the same elegant design you’d expect from the T4 line of Yealink products, but with greater interoperability and collaboration tools. HD Voice technology, built-in programmable keys and an all-new USB port are just a few deluxe offerings you can expect from the Yealink T41S. The best part? You can get all of these features and more at an affordable price.

Features Supported
•  Exceptional voice clarity with the cutting-edge Opus codec
•  HD speaker voice quality
•  USB 2.0 port
•  RJ-9 connector for optional headset
•  Five programmable buttons for up to 15 functions
•  Six line keys for up to 12 simultaneous calls
•  2.7” 192×64-pixel backlit LCD display
•  Two-port Fast Ethernet switch with PoE (Power of Ethernet) support
•  Power supply and Ethernet cable included
Yealink SIP-T48S phone

The Yealink T48S IP phone is a robust and effective communications solution designed for executive-level professionals. Its large touch screen makes it easy to shift between pages and applications, and it comes with the latest in HD Voice technology for clear and smooth business calling.

Similar to the T4 line, the T48S is sleek and elegant in its design, but provides even more features and integration capabilities. For instance, the phone works with Bluetooth USB dongles and Wifi USB dongles, and uses Gigabit Ethernet technology for fast and effective call functionality.

Features Supported
•  HD speaker quality, exceptional voice clarity
•  Dual-port Gigabit switch with PoE (Power over Ethernet) support
•  A 7”, 800×480-pixel backlit color touchscreen display
•  Up to 16 line keys that can handle as many as 32 simultaneous calls
•  USB 2.0 port
•  29 one-touch programmable buttons
•  RJ-9 connector for optional headset
•  Power supply and Ethernet cable included
Yealink T41S DECT Desk IP Phone

The Yealink T41S DECT Desk IP Phone for business takes all the powerful features of the original T41S and adds the freedom of wireless connectivity with the included DECT receiver. Now you can have the same elegant design of the T4 line of office desk phones with the convenience of wireless connectivity, no longer having to worry about hard-wiring your phone with Ethernet.

The T41S DECT can be deployed within 150 feet of its DECT receiver. Simple setup will get you up and running in no time, and a large LCD display will make it easy to take your calls in crisp and clear HD Voice.

Features Supported
•  HD speaker quality
•  2.7” 192×64-pixel backlit LCD display
•  Supports 2 simultaneous calls
•  150’ range from DECT base unit
•  RJ-9 connector for optional headset
•  USB 2.0 port
•  Yealink DD10K DECT USB dongle
•  Power supply and Ethernet cable included
Yealink CP920 IP Conference Phone

The Yealink CP920 IP conference phone is a perfect choice for small and mediumsized conference rooms. The full-duplex and acoustic echo-cancelling technology allows clear and life-like conference calls. With its intuitive user interface and plenty of advanced extras including WiFi, Bluetooth, and Power-over-Ethernet support built in, the CP920 strikes a balance between ease-of-use and powerful features.

Features Supported
•  Full-duplex speakerphone for use in small & medium-sized conference rooms
•  20 foot (6 m), 360° voice pickup range
•  Three-microphone array
•  Acoustic echo cancellation (320 msec)
•  Background noise suppression
•  Backlit 248×120/ 3.1” graphical LCD display
•  Sensitive touch keypad
•  Built-in WiFi (802.11) support
•  Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 support
•  Power over Ethernet support
•  Power supply and Ethernet cable included

Base Station

The Ooma Office base station uses your high-speed Internet connection to deliver a superior business phone service.
It utilizes the power of the cloud to deliver advanced features and can support up to four expansion base stations and a total of 20 analog phones. Extensions work wirelessly so installation is a cinch.

Ooma Linx

The Ooma Linx with DECT 6.0 technology allows you to wirelessly
connect phones with dedicated extensions or fax machines to the Ooma Office base station.
Connect up to 4 Ooma Linx devices to each Ooma Office base station.

EXP20 Expansion Module Bundle
Features supported (EXP20)
•  20 dual color, LED programmable buttons.
•  Icons to visualize features like Call Park or Speed Dial.
•  Two-angle adjustable stand.
Additional info
•  The Yealink EXP20 cannot operate on its own and must be connected to the T27G IP phone to function.
•  Up to two EXP20 Expansion Modules can be powered directly by the Yealink T27G.
•  A power supply (ordered separately) is required if using more than two EXP20 modules.

Ooma Connect Base Station

The plug-and-play Base Station is the perfect hub for your business. It not only routes your Ooma Connect internet connection to your devices, it allows your existing IP and DECT phones to take advantage of the Ooma Office business phone service.

Ooma LTE 460 Adapter

Thanks to its powerful antennas, the LTE 460 Adapter can bring you a high-speed, reliable internet connection. Even better, it’s simple to set up. Just place it on a wall or window and plug it into the Base Station.

Snom PA1: A fine-tuned business solution

Snom has developed a SIP bridge (PA1) enabling businesses to extend their existing public announcement speaker system while upgrading from digital/POTs systems into SIP-based voice communication solutions. The PA1 can be used in both small and large applications due to the inclusion of a 4-watt amplifier for single speaker projects. A microphone input is provided for two-way communication. Larger projects can utilize multiple speakers driven by external high wattage amplifier(s). The PA1 serves as an auto SIP answering preamp that drives the multi-speaker setup. Use of Snom’s proven SIP stack enables wide compatibility with all SIP platforms.

Applications for the Snom PA1 include:

  1. Large PA systems driven by external amplifier(s).
  2. Small PA systems driven by internal PA1 amplifier (eg. door answering system), and internal relay to open door(s).
  3.  Phone ringer amplifier with ability to drive strobe light as visual indicator.
  4.  Multi-cast relay up to 4 SIP identities to four multi-cast IP addresses.
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