Windows 10 will go end of life as per the countdown timer below. After October 14th, 2025 Windows 10 will not receive security updates unless you purchase a subscription for updates at a yet undisclosed price. Smart Guys Computers recommends not purchasing a computer that cannot be upgraded beyond Windows 10. Please review requirements here. Newer operating systems require an Intel 8th gen processor or newer or an AMD equivalent. For more information on compatible processors please click here. If a the model number of the processor is not disclosed in an advertisement do not purchase without verifying the model is compatible. 

Windows 10 END OF LIFE

IDrive Cloud Backup
Don’t risk losing your important files due to computer problems or mistakes. Many people end up spending a lot of money to get their lost data back. Cloud backup is a reliable and secure solution. Click the iDrive picture to get 5 terabytes of cloud storage for only $9.95 for the first year, and $99.50 after that, with no obligation to stay.
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