Kingston 16GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Module ECC


Kingston 16GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Module – For Motherboard – 16 GB – DDR4-3200/PC4-25600 DDR4 SDRAM – 3200 MHz – CL22 – 1.20 V – ECC – Unbuffered – 288-pin – DIMM – Lifetime Warranty

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FeaturesNo matter how heavy and numerous the applications that you are using, 3200 MHz memory speed will run them smoothly
16 GB bar will run multiple applications together and enhance your computer's performance
Allow convenient and fast access to the stored information your computer is actively using for maximum efficiency
Motherboard device support for your ram module for maximum productivity and convenience
Unbuffered signal processing provides reliable optimization for your required applications to allow maximum usability
CL22 CAS latency for faster, dependable clock cycles which allows quick access and retrieval of data and information
288-pin for enhanced, dependable system performance with maximum usability
DIMM form factor with 288-pin and 16 GB memory size effectively reduces minimizes the load on the server memory BUS to ensure maximum productivity
DDR4-3200/PC4-25600 operates at an effective bus speed with minimal power consumption and as a result, you get optimal computer performance with an improved memory heat dissipation


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