Tt Esports Knucker 4 in 1 Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, Mousepad


The KNUCKER 4-in-1 Gaming Kit provides a one-stop solution to meet all your gaming needs. The keyboard uses gaming grade plunger switches for mechanical like touch-feel and is equipped with 3-color backlight illumination with 4 stunning lighting effects. The headset uses a high quality 40mm neodymium driver for high quality sound, auto adjusting headband suitable for all head sizes, and easy to use inline control with bendable microphone. The mouse uses a gaming grade optical sensor with up to 2400 DPI and offers on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments. It also comes with 3 lighting effect modes and side panel lighting. The provision of a textured weave semi- coarse mouse pad completes your gaming gear setup to offer balanced speed for superior mouse movement and durability during long and intense gaming sessions.

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Pulse Jumping

Spectrum RunningTACTILE FEEL PLUNGER SWITCHESGaming grade plunger switches give mechanical like feel with each press and tactile response with each keystroke.

ON-THE-FLY MACRO RECORDINGWe’ve implemented a dedicated switch on the keyboard (Fn-Scroll Lock) that allows you to record and assign quick macro functions on-the-fly to the keyboard. The keyboard also comes with 3 dedicated macro keys that enable the user to control all essential functions right at their fingertips; and removes the need for any software switch, thus providing an easy-to-use and hassle free experience.ENHANCED ANTI-GHOSTING CAPABILITYWith anti-ghosting technology, the keyboard allows for you to hit up to 24 keys
(Q,A,Z,W,S,X,E,D,C,R,F,V,T,B,ESC,SPACE,F2,F6,TAB,L-SHIFT, and 4 directional keys) for optimal gaming fluency

CONVENIENT FUNCTION KEYSEverything is adjustable on-the-fly, software is no longer needed! Containing handy preset FN key combos that will allow you to control media playback, record macros on-the-fly and use them lock the windows key and adjust the polling rate.

Fn+F1 – Previous Track
Fn+F2 – Play / Pause Track
Fn+F3 – Next Track
Fn+F4 – Stop Track
Fn+F5 – Mute
Fn+F6 – Volume Down
Fn+F7 – Volume Up
Fn+F8 – Game Mode Switch
Fn+F9 – Static Light
Fn+F10 – Pulse Effect
Fn+F11 – Pulse Jumping Effect
Fn+F12 – Red to Blue Running
Fn+ PrcScr – Windows Lock
Fn + Scroll – Macro Record
Fn + Pause – Change Lighting Color (Static & Pulse)
Fn + PgUp – Brightness UP
Fn + PgDn – Brightness Down
Fn + ↑ / ↓ – Backlight Effect Speed Up / Down (Pulse, Pulse Jumping & Red to Blue Running)
Fn+ Num – Full Keyboard LockGAMING GRADE OPTICAL SENSOR WITH DURABLE SWITCHGaming grade optical sensor provides accurate precision and control speed for games and offers sensitivity up to 2400 DPI. The additional use of high quality switches provide a crisp clean click with each press and has a 10 million click lifespan.


Red 800 DPI

Blue 1600 DPI

Purple 2400 DPI



Pulse Jumping

Spectrum RunningERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH ON-THE-FLY DPI CONTROLErgonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort and fit, the mouse offers on-the-fly DPI adjustment: Red 800 DPI / Blue 1600 DPI / Purple 2400 DPI for sensitivity adjustment as and when required during intense gaming sessions.

6-BUTTON ERGONOMIC DESIGNOffering a comfortable palm grip for focused gaming.

QUICK FUNCTION HOT KEYSDPI Button + Right Button – Change Lighting Effect (Static or Spectrum Running)
DPI Button + Left Button – Turn On/Off Light
DPI Button + Mouse Button 5 – Change Lighting Effect (Spectrum Running or Pulse Jumping)
DPI Button + Mouse Button 4 – Spectrum Running Speed Up / Down40MM NEODYMIUM DRIVERSThe gaming headset comes with a new generation 40mm neodymium driver that is capable of channeling precision sound into the ear of the user for a more precise and comfortable audio experience, especially during periods of long play.


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 8 × 6 in


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